San Diego State University


The Graduate School of Public Health has three overarching goals in the areas of education, research, and service.

Educational Goal

The GSPH will prepare public health professionals who are able to identify problems and assess the needs of populations; plan, implement, and evaluate public health programs to address those needs; and otherwise assure conditions that protect and promote the health of populations.

  • Objective 1 – Provide quality public health education leading to the BS, MPH, and PhD degrees.
  • Objective 2 – Provide opportunities for the current public health workforce or community to gain additional education in public health.
  • Objective 3 – Provide public health education and information to the larger community.

Research Goal

The GSPH faculty and students will pursue new knowledge in public health, emphasizing collaboration with other disciplines.

  • Objective 1 – Faculty will conduct original and applied research to advance knowledge in public health.
  • Objective 2 – Faculty will disseminate research findings through publications, professional meetings, seminars, workshops, and teaching.
  • Objective 3 – Faculty will acquire external funding for original research and practice applications through grants and contracts.
  • Objective 4 – New knowledge and findings will be applied to community settings.
  • Objective 5 – Faculty will incorporate research findings and methods in classroom settings so that students better understand the role of science in public health practice.
  •  Objective 6 – Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in the scientific methods through their culminating experience and other course activities.

Service Goal

The GSPH and its faculty will create and foster links to local, state, national, and international communities to help them achieve their public health goals.

  • Objective 1 – The individual and collective expertise of the GSPH faculty will provide assistance to professional and trade associations, health care organizations, governmental agencies, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, multi-national organizations, and our own academic community on matters of public health.
  • Objective 2 – Students will engage in service activities.
  • Objective 3 – Students will have appropriate representation on GSPH committees and official activities.