San Diego State University

Mission, Value, & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the Graduate School of Public Health is to improve population health and well-being by building a diverse public health workforce to meet the needs of current and future communities.  Through high-quality education, research opportunities, and support for service activities, our graduates will emerge equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to address complex public health problems and to assume leadership positions in a wide variety of settings at all levels.

Value Statement

The Graduate School of Public Health is committed to the following core values:

  • Excellence in teaching, research, and service;
  • Discovery of new knowledge;
  • Diversity in our students, faculty, and staff;
  • Professional and personal integrity;
  • Advancement of social justice principles;
  • Evidence-based public health practice; and
  • Preparation of a public health workforce that shares these values.

Vision Statement

The Graduate School of Public Health seeks to be a premier academic resource for public health education, research, and evidence-based practice.