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Our current projects include the following (funder in parentheses)

  1. Feasibility of latent tuberculosis screening among migrant farmworkers on the border (ADHS, PIMSA, UA/CONACYT)
  2. Adherence to Latent TB Infection among at-risk populations TXT4MED (ALA)
  3. Perceptions and social indices of walkability in Tucson (CDC)
  4. Climate change and respiratory health (NASA Fellows)
  5. Helicobacter pylori in Arizona (Chapa Foundation, UACC, NACP)
  6. Cough duration as a predictor of asthma (NIAID)
  7. Stress and asthma in public schools (AHSC Career Development Award KL2)
  8. Biosurveillance and multi-drug resistant pathogens (VA)
  9. Role of social media in respiratory outcomes
  10. Surveillance of Hepatitis A outbreaks in San Diego and surrounding counties in Southern California  (SDSU Healthlink)