Great Resources Students for Pandemic Response


Interested in learning more about the resources discussed in our interview with Dr. Andrea Dooley?  Here a list of many of the sites and programs mentioned in this episode.


Want to know more facts or information about Covid-19?

  • SDSU Associated Students: Your Voice Matters
    • Ongoing advocacy and campaign for students to share their thoughts by submitting a comment, concern, idea, or suggestions about COVID.  What would you like to see improved about new Covid-19 policies?  This is the place to let your SDSU representatives know!
  • SDSU Covid-19 website
    • Where can you find the latest information?  This is the main SDSU page that provides updated and current information regarding Covid-19. Information ranges from case information, to prevention, to recent updates,. The website is organized to easily access information. 
  • Email:
    • Who can you email?  Via this email address, university representatives will respond and address any FAQs regarding Covid-19. 


No Cost Covid-19 Testing is Available!

Testing is a critical component for ensuring student and staff safety. The best part is that there is no cost to you as an SDSU student.

  • SDSU Student Health Services
    • Appointment only testing
  • Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center
    • Walk-ins available
    • Take the testing as often as you like
    • Check the 211 website for operating hours
  • Call-211
    • Provides information about free testing sites throughout San Diego County.
      This is the best way to find out exact days and times for testing clinics.


In Need of Additional Assistance?

  • Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT)
    • Resources provided for students undergoing any hardships affiliated with Covid-19; Services include financial need, food insecurity, and housing resources. 
    • Students can be enrolled anywhere and be connected to community or university resources in your County.
  • SDSU Food Pantry
    • For those facing any food insecurities, any student enrolled in any CSU can attend the SDSU food pantry that provides nutritious food and food program referral services. 


Mental Health Resources 

  • Counseling and Psychological Services
    • They are open from 8 am-4:30 pm Monday-Friday. Self-assessments are available online; however, students can also call 619-594-5220 and have an individual conversation with a therapist. Based on what is shared during their call, students may receive recommendations for future services.
    • Call 888-724-7240
      • Students can also call after regular hours to talk to someone about their needs or interests.
    • Looking for a workshop?  Check out these resources.  
      • Single Servings
        • This is a topics-based workshop that provides tips and skills on how to manage the Covid-19 pandemic and other stressors that might arise. Some topics include stress management and ways to stay motivated during the pandemic. 
      • Aztecs Reaching Aztecs
        • Are you currently isolating in a residence hall?  Trained peers will call and check-in on you.


What’s the difference between Isolating or Quarantining?

Individuals only need to quarantine if they have had a known exposure to Covid-19 and are getting tested. Nonetheless, self-quarantine is still a useful tool if you choose. In addition, individuals need to isolate if they have tested positive for Covid-19/

  • Need a place to Isolate safely?  
    • San Diego County has resources to place you in a hotel or identify possible isolation locations
    • ECRT can also identify locations for isolation
  • If quarantining, do your best to stay away from families in your household.
    • Can also call 211 to get information about possible quarantine assistance.