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MPH – Master of Social Work


Admission Requirements

Applicants for the MPH/MSW Dual Degree program must meet the same requirements as those for the standard MPH program.

NOTE The application process to the MPH/MSW DIFFERS from that of the standard MPH program. See below.

Application Instructions

Applicants for the MPH/MSW program must submit the SOPHAS application in addition to following the standard MSW application procedure.  Applications for the concurrent program are reviewed by both the SDSU Graduate School of Public Health and the SDSU School of Social Work.

In the statement of purpose submitted with the SOPHAS application, MPH/MSW applicants must address their interest in both fields (Public Health and Social Work) as well as their interest in Health Management and Policy.

We are accepting applications for fall admission only.


The SDSU Graduate School of Public Health and the SDSU School of Social Work offer a three year, 93 unit concurrent graduate program leading to a MPH and a Master of Social Work (MSW).

The major objective of the concurrent program is to offer preparation in the fields of public health and social work for the purpose of providing the knowledge and skills necessary to promote health, prevent disease, and enhance the delivery of social and health services in the community.




See also…

The 93-unit program is listed below and is typically completed in three years by full-time students:

  • Public Health Core Classes (9 units)
    • PH 601Epidemiology (3)
    • PH 602 Biostatistics (3)
    • PH 604 Environmental Determinants of Human Health (3)
  • Health Management and Policy Concentration Courses (30 units)
    • PH 641 Introduction to Health Services(3)
    • PH 644A Health Services Organization and Management (3)
    • PH 644B Managing the High Performing Health Care Organization (3)
    • PH 645 Health Economics (3)
    • PH 647 Quantitative Methods and Health Data Analysis (3)
    • PH 648 Health Policy (3)
    • PH 742A Health Services Financial Management (3)
    • PH 742B Health Insurance and Financing Systems (3)
    • PH 747 Quality Improvement and Program Evaluation (3)
    • PH 748 Health Services Competitive Strategy and Marketing (3)
  • Social Work Courses (30 units)
    • SW 601 Seminar in Social Welfare Policy and Services (3)
    • SW 619 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)
    • SW 620A Seminar in Human Behavior and Social Environment (3)
    • SW 690 Seminar in Social Work Research Methods (3)
    • SW 630 Social Work Practice: A Generalist Perspective (3)
    • SW 631 Social Work Practice: Individuals, Families, and Groups (3)
    • SW 632 Social Work Practice: Organizations and Communities (3)
    • SW 740 Adv Sem Social Wk Admin (3)
    • SW 797 Research (3)
    • SW 745 Sem: Adv Admin Models (3)
  • A Social Work Elective (3 units)
    • SW 702 Sem Sw Pol & Serv (3)
  • Field Practicum (15 units)
    • SW 650 Field Practicum (7)
    • SW 755 Advanced Field Practicum (8) Cr/NC
  • Capstone Experience (3 units)
    • SW or PH 799A Thesis

See the SDSU Graduate Bulletin for descriptions and prerequisites for these courses.

Plan of Study

Students seeking the MPH / Master of Social Work dual degree are required to file a formal Official Program of Study (list all the classes that will be taken to fulfill degree requirements) after completing at least 12 units of study, and before completing the last 9 units. The Official Program of Study must be approved by the graduate adviser.

Time Limitation

The school expects a student to complete the degree within seven years. Failure to complete the degree requirements within seven years will result in dismissal from the program.








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