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Student Council

DSAC Members at the 3rd Annual Cigarette Butt Clean-up

GSPH Student Council Members at the 3rd Annual Cigarette Butt Clean-up

The Graduate School of Public Health Student Council serves as a networking platform for current students, future students, and alumni to connect and collaborate for the advocacy of Public Health issues within the San Diego community.

The 2016-2017 Council:

  • President: Francis Floresca
  • Vice President: Brandon Dao
  • Treasurer: Judi Abegania
  • Secretary: Benjamin Schumacher
  • Public Relations: Lynn Carson
  • Events Coordinator: Nichelle Brown
  • Division Representatives:
    • Environmental Health: Christina Kander
    • Epidemiology: Osika Tripathi
    • Health Management & Policy: Paige Chandler
    • Health Promotion & Behavioral Science: Russell Argenal

Questions?  Suggestions?

Office: Hardy Tower 172
Hours: Fridays 9am- 12pm

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