San Diego State University

Student from the GSPH’s “IMPACT/TMP” Program Accepted to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program


Keturah Platt (center)

SDSU undergraduate student, Keturah Platt, has just been accepted into the DePaul University Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology.

For more than two years, Keturah was a mentee in the GSPH’s NIH-funded R25 “Training and Mentoring Program” (TMP) at SDSU’s Institute for Behavioral and Community Health (IBACH).The TMP was a competitive admissions program that hosted 15 undergraduate and 5 graduate students in a 2-year intensive research training program. Students got the opportunity to conduct health disparities research while utilizing resources and receiving training on how to achieve the next level in their academic careers. Among our students, Keturah stood out as a shining example of motivation, perseverance and positive attitude.

Keturah came into the program academically ‘green’ but grew substantially by focusing on her goal of working with, and improving the lives of, minority and disadvantaged children and adolescents. Keturah comes from a background replete with economic and social challenges. Growing up as a child in inner-city Oakland, California, she has seen firsthand the dangers of gang violence and drugs especially among children. Despite several major personal setbacks during her time as an undergraduate student, Keturah has never faltered with her academics or her professional development. Deriving in part from this background, Keturah remained persistent and focused on her goal to become a researcher and an advocate for child and adolescent health. Her hopes are to one day go back to Oakland and improve the health of youth from her community.

Keturah is a great role model to other students including those in the TMP and has made her mentors and other faculty scientists at IBACH proud of what she has accomplished.