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International Opportunities

A world of opportunity exists for GSPH students going abroad!

A world of opportunity exists for GSPH students going abroad!

College of Health & Human Services Undergraduate International Experience

The College of Health & Human Services incorporates an international component in all its undergraduate curricula, including its BS in Health Science.   Students participate in residence for two or more weeks.

Specific details about the requirement and upcoming travel opportunities can be found on the CHHS Undergraduate International Experience web site.


GSPH Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program for Undergraduates – Hanoi, Vietman

April 1 – May 28, 2017

GENS 350/CES 450 (3 credits) – Take this opportunity to learn about health, public health, social institutions, and the rich culture and history of Vietnam.  You will experience foods, shopping in the markets, and cooking!  You will have a great trip to the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay.


GSPH’s International Partnerships

  • University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule), Magdeburg, Germany
    GSPH’s exchange agreement with this partner allows students to take classes, do internships/field practice, and participate in cooperative research in Germany for a period of one month up to two full semesters.  Contact Dr. Elder or Dr. Gersberg for current opportunities here.
  • Universidad de Chile, Chile
    GSPH’s exchange agreement with Universidad de Chile includes teaching and research activities, and publication of jointly authored articles related to health promotion efforts in Latin American.  Contact Dr. Elder or Dr. Talavera for current opportunities here.
  • Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico
    Each semester, students spend approximately four days in the field, in integrated Mexican and American teams. Students, with faculty and doctoral student leaders, conduct health assessments and interventions, deliver health care, and provide much needed stimulation (and entertainment!) to the children in migrant camps. Contact Dr. Stephanie Brodine or Dr. John Elder for current opportunities here.


SDSU Exchange

Through SDSU Exchange, each semester a student from the host university comes to study here in San Diego, while an SDSU student goes to study abroad.

SDSU Exchange programs can be done for a semester or an academic year. Students pay SDSU tuition and receive resident credit. Financial aid and scholarships can be used.

For more information about SDSU Exchange programs, please contact the SDSU Education Abroad Office. Exchange locations are subject to change.


SDSU College of Extended Studies

The College of Extended Studies offers a wide variety of study abroad programs to both SDSU students and community members. The majority of the offered programs occur during the regular semester, summer or winter breaks.

While many programs are offered in English, there are also a number of language immersion programs available. Students are able to use financial aid on these programs. The cost of this program is dependent on the number of units in the chosen program and other program costs, including accommodation.


Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training (MHIRT) Program

MHIRT allows U.S. institutions to offer short-term international research training opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students from health disparity backgrounds.  MHIRT funding provide  training and international exposure for students who plan to pursue careers in the biomedical, basic, clinical, and socio-behavioral sciences.  The goals of the program are to:

  • Encourage students from health disparity backgrounds to pursue careers in science and biomedical, clinical, and behavioral health research
  • Provide research training in theoretical modeling, developing hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data, problem solving, and clinical or lab activities
  • Expose students to global health issues that relate to health disparities
  • Enable collaboration between colleges/universities and international research programs.”

SDSU has had MHIRT funding for more than 15 years, and currently has 6 active international sites.